Diner Patrons - Flannel shirts, jeans, t-shirts without logos, sweaters with 90s type patterns, sweatshirts, vests, khakis, corduroy pants, jackets/winter coats to put on the backs of chairs. Women could wear scarves, pins and jewelry.

WAITRESSES / CASHIER - Production will provide the aprons (burgundy and white). Wear casual winter dresses, sweaters, casual button down shirts, vests, 90s jeans, woolen skirts. Pattern is good!  Plaid, dotted, striped for example.  

COOK- Wear a white A-tank, black wide leg or loose cut jeans or worn in pants (we are in 90s - nothing slim or skinny fit).  Could also be a faded black jean that is kind of grey as well.  Black sneakers with no logos or black work boots, just nothing dressy more work oriented and not casual.

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