The look of this film is period mid-1800s but with a contemporary, stylish twist - it is a fantasy period piece involving colorful and patterned garments. Although it takes place in 1860, production is interested in seeing just about any colorful item you have that has a classic feel to it and anything Victorian-inspired. Clothing and shoes can be old-fashioned inspired, any color (including black), EXCEPT BROWN! Even if you bought it from a contemporary store (H&M, Zara, etc), that's fine! They welcome contemporary pieces! 

***NO BROWN for any class or type.***

Good colors: blues, greens, tan, grey, red, purple, yellow, orange.

Wardrobe requests any and all colorful, old-fashioned, and/or contemporary but Victorian-inspired pieces! It is important to bring these with you to your fitting!


EVENING GOWNS - classic silhouette - short sleeve, open neckline. Ankle length dresses and full skirt preferred but if not available slimmer silhouette is ok.  No spaghetti straps. No strapless.  No asymmetrical necklines or sleeves.
SHOES - evening pumps to go with your dress.  Heel should not be too tall.  Classic look. Bring shoes even if you do not have dress. 2-3" heel ideal.
HOSE - nude, white, off white
BRA - nude.  Convertible to strapless ideal.
UNDERGARMENTS - any shaping undergarment that you have
JEWELRY - necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings