RED OAKS: General Hair Notes

See notes and reference images below.

Please note, everyone will have some type of hair product applied (hairspray, etc...).

  • Men come with clean, dry hair. (Do not wear any heavy pomades or anything that slicks the hair back.) 
  • If your hair is curly, come with curly hair. 
  • Women who know how to use hot rollers and/or curling iron, please utilize.
  • Women with short hair: please come with clean, dry hair and the hair department will style it.
  • Women with long hair: come with dry hair. Blow dry hair upside down to increase volume at roots. Blow dry with a mousse or a light, non-sticky product that won't weigh hair down.
  • Do not come to set with greasy roots. Please do not overuse dry shampoo. If you have a dry shampoo product you like to use, bring it with you, and the hair department will apply it for you.