Costume Notes: Seedy Types

The Deuce Costume Notes

The series takes place in New York City in 1971.


  • Women should wear or bring a soft bra (no padding) or be willing to go braless. Wear full brief underwear (no thongs). Please wear/bring nude pantyhose.
  • Men wear white brief style, tight underwear.

If you have any of the following under the role for which you were cast, please wear/bring it…


  • Homeless: worn, old, torn, dirty clothes. Dress in layers.
  • Drug Addicts/Dealers/General Downscale: anything 1970, beat-up, worn clothes, sweatshirts, t-shirts, or tank tops, old, torn, old, torn, dirty jeans, work pants, or leathers, old Converse, Keds, Adidas, Puma sneakers (NO MODERN OR BASKETBALL SNEAKERS), old combat, Frye, cowboy, or work boots, bandanas, leather or denim vests, vintage jackets.