Cadillac's Cronies Costume Notes


  • should be very polished and flashy. 
  • Fur coats, leather coats and trench coats. 
  • 2piece or 3piece suit with high waist pant, matte, patterned and textured fabric. 
  • Button front shirts with larger wide spread collar both printed and solid, shiny solid, shiny with a tonal stripe or pattern. 
  • Hats should be Stetsons, porkpies or fedoras. 
  • Jewelry should be layers and chains in herringbone, gold rope and figaro chains with large medallions. 
  • The medallions can be lions, plain circle pendant and other circular pendants with details. 
  • For the layers the chains can be with no pendant or with a small gold shark tooth or cross type of pendant on a thinner chain. 
  • Shoes should be pointy and slick looking like "Stacy Adams" type shoes. 
  • Flashy with texture and color blocking. Pointier in shape and style. 
  • Ankle boots with a heel like the Florsheim's "Duke" boot and cowboy boots.


Please read the following notes and review the images below. 

If you have any of the following, please bring it with you.


  • Disco suits in sequins, sparkly suits, white suits.
  • Button front shiny and printed shirts.  
  • Shiny velour vest with matching pant and button front shirt.
  • High waisted pants and iridescent  button front shirts. 
  • Shoes should be flashy in the way of Stacy Adams, pointy shoes, high heeled boots. 
  • Colors can be black, brown, blue, green, red, white and camel.
  • Color blocked leather and multi skin leather. 
  • Hats, apple caps, flat caps, porkpies, Stetson and fedoras. 


  • Disco dresses, strappy high shine dresses
  • jumpsuits, high shine high waisted pant. 
  • Sequins dresses, lurex, chain mail and lame. 
  • Jersey dresses in colors red, pink, green, yellow and gold. 
  • Jumpsuits in sequins, jersey.  
  • Printed, solid  dresses and color blocked. 
  • Strappy sandals with chunky heels and pumps.


Please read the following notes and review the images below.

These Bronx churchgoers are downtrodden, but they pull it together as best they can. The year is 1977. If you have any of the items described and pictured below from that time period, please bring them with you.

MEN: Blazers, button-front dress shirt with tie and dress slacks. Full button collared cardigans, short-sleeve half-zip pullovers, T-shirts and polo shirts in jersey or velour with stripes, pattern, and/or piping detail. Also, short-sleeve and long-sleeve button-front collared shirts, jeans (a few), high-waisted trousers in khaki, brown, green and navy blue. Shoes can be ankle boots, dress shoes and/or an ND sneaker option, and belts. Hats can be applejacks, flat caps, fedoras and porkpies.

WOMEN: Dresses with cardigans, longer-sleeved dresses with prints or stripes, full matching pant suits with a printed or striped blouse, printed or striped blouse and skirt, printed or striped blouse and trouser. Shoes should be flat, wedge sandal, closed toe shoe with a chunkier heel, or closed toe shoes with a chunkier heel.


Please read the following notes and review the reference images. Thanks.

If you have any of the following clothing items, please bring them with you.


HIGH SCHOOL BOYS:  Colored blocked jacket with piping and striped details and other light weight windbreaker type jackets, denim jackets (Lee and Wrangler brand), high v-neck and crew neck tee shirts with contrasting collar and sleeve binding, color blocked tees, raglan sleeved tee shirts striped tees and tanks, button front shirts with plaid or print, light weight poly pants with creases, cotton/poly plaid and striped pants, stovepipe and slightly flared jeans, cut off jean shorts (Lee and Wrangler), and sneakers. Sneakers can be vintage Nike, Adidas, Pro Keds and Pony.
HIGH SCHOOL GIRLS:   Lightweight jackets, denim jackets (Lee and Wrangler brand), tee shirts with stripes, keyholes, ND graphics, piecing and piping, tee shirts with contrasting collar and binding. Solid tees in colors, high waist jeans, shorts in cotton with stripes and high waist jean shorts. Cotton and velour striped and solid tank tops and polo shirts and pullover v-neck with regular and contrast binding around the neck and armhole.

Flash Party Girls: Tube tops, crop tops, button front shirts that tie at the front and tank tops. Cotton shirts with stripes, flowers, piping and regular and cut off denim shorts worn with striped tube socks. Terry cloth tank tops and t-shirts, solid and striped, and high waist stove pipe slightly flared jeans in medium or light wash. Lace edge tank tops and blouses with cotton and denim skirts. Denim jumpsuits and colorful dresses. Sneakers, flat sandals and a few clogs. Gold and silver chains in layers with small pendants and small hoop earrings.


Welcome to THE GET DOWN. Please read the following notes and reference the images below. Thanks.


Men: Please wear UNDERGARMENTS and Tanks to try on clothes at fitting and for day of shoot (tight underwear/briefs because pants are tight! no baggy boxers.. also tanks will be good as all clothing is vintage and probably polyester). If you have vintage Nike, Adidas, Prokeds and Pony sneakers or leather dress shoes, please bring them. Please bring jewelry if you have it (can be medallions on gold rope chains and link chains. Watches can be all over silver and gold with larger sized face or with leather band. Rings are great and can be street vendor type jewelry.) Please bring any appropriate belts (no logos). Bring one or two jewelry options if you have them.

Women: Please wear UNDERGARMENTS and Tanks to try on clothes at fitting and for day of shoot (bras that are NOT pushup... bras should be everyday t-shirt type bras that don't add any cup size or too much lift). Breasts should be a NATURAL shape. Bring or wear nude pantyhose if you have it. Bring or wear basic, solid colored t-shirts or tank tops (no logos). If you have appropriate vintage shoes, bring them: high heel pumps, closed toe, espadrilles flat or wedge, slip on and lace up, leather sandals with a chunkier heel. Please bring any appropriate belt option (no logos). Bring one or two jewelry options if you have them: Light everyday gold and silver jewelry is also good to bring. Jewelry should look like it was bought at Kmart or Conway. Thin gold chains with small to medium sized pendants, small hoop earrings and Medium to Large sized decorative hoops. Rings can be small gold and silver band with small stones, pearl tiger-eye… Watches with thin bands and a smaller face.