Cadillac's Cronies Costume Notes


  • should be very polished and flashy. 
  • Fur coats, leather coats and trench coats. 
  • 2piece or 3piece suit with high waist pant, matte, patterned and textured fabric. 
  • Button front shirts with larger wide spread collar both printed and solid, shiny solid, shiny with a tonal stripe or pattern. 
  • Hats should be Stetsons, porkpies or fedoras. 
  • Jewelry should be layers and chains in herringbone, gold rope and figaro chains with large medallions. 
  • The medallions can be lions, plain circle pendant and other circular pendants with details. 
  • For the layers the chains can be with no pendant or with a small gold shark tooth or cross type of pendant on a thinner chain. 
  • Shoes should be pointy and slick looking like "Stacy Adams" type shoes. 
  • Flashy with texture and color blocking. Pointier in shape and style. 
  • Ankle boots with a heel like the Florsheim's "Duke" boot and cowboy boots.