Please read the following notes and review the images below.

These Bronx churchgoers are downtrodden, but they pull it together as best they can. The year is 1977. If you have any of the items described and pictured below from that time period, please bring them with you.

MEN: Blazers, button-front dress shirt with tie and dress slacks. Full button collared cardigans, short-sleeve half-zip pullovers, T-shirts and polo shirts in jersey or velour with stripes, pattern, and/or piping detail. Also, short-sleeve and long-sleeve button-front collared shirts, jeans (a few), high-waisted trousers in khaki, brown, green and navy blue. Shoes can be ankle boots, dress shoes and/or an ND sneaker option, and belts. Hats can be applejacks, flat caps, fedoras and porkpies.

WOMEN: Dresses with cardigans, longer-sleeved dresses with prints or stripes, full matching pant suits with a printed or striped blouse, printed or striped blouse and skirt, printed or striped blouse and trouser. Shoes should be flat, wedge sandal, closed toe shoe with a chunkier heel, or closed toe shoes with a chunkier heel.