CTC Employees

CTC Employees

2000 - 2004 are the years we are shooting for.


Think FBI, CIA, Legal, Staffers, or Tech.

It is a conservative, serious work place.   
If you have business attire from the late 90’s and early 2000’s, please bring it.
The West Wing and Looming Tower are both good references for the period.

Corporate, business and professional attire.  Clothes should be clean, neat, and ready to wear.
Keep colors neutral, grays and blues and earthy tones.  Muted and drab.  No strong primary colors.


-Suits with broader shoulders and wider lapels.
-3 button suits and traditional 2 button suits.  No skinny suits.
-Shirts - traditional straight collar or button down collar.  Fuller cut shirts are good.  Not too slim cut.  White, blue, grays, off white, subtle check and stripes are all good
-Suits with pleated pants
-Ties are wider.  Patterns are good
-3 Button or traditional 2 button blazers
-Appropriate shoes to go with your look.


-Pant suit-  the jackets are longer in length with a broader shoulder
-Suit Separates- Blazers with broader shoulders and wider leg trousers
-Business casual separates- Vest or blazer with blouse and trousers
-Look professional, conservative.


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