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What is background?

Grant Wilfley Casting primarily casts background actors (aka extras) for film and television. A background role may be featured, but it is not a speaking role. Even though the background does not speak, they are still very important. They help define the tone, time period, and location of the scene.

What is SAG-AFTRA, and how do I become a member?

SAG-AFTRA is the labor union that represents actors appearing in film and television programs.
There are two basic ways an actor can join SAG-AFTRA.
1. An actor is given a principal part
2. An actor has three SAG-AFTRA waivers

What is expected of a background actor?

Background actors must be professional. They must show up on time to the correct location with the right wardrobe. This information will be given to the background actor via our voice mail messaging system or our web site. While on set, background actors must follow instructions and pay attention. They should not leave holding or set without notifing one of the assistant directors or a production assistant. Once a background actor has accepted a role, he or she is expected to be there at call and able to stay until filming has wrapped for the day.

Why can’t I get the call time in advance?

Call times (the time you need to be on set) are not given out until filming has wrapped the night before. When a television show or film finishes shooting later than expected, it can make the next days start time or call time later. If the production wraps earlier than expected, it can make the next days call time earlier.

How long can I expect a day of filming to last?

On an average day, a film or television show films from 8 to 15 hours or more. Background actors should be available the whole day or night (depening on what time filming begins).